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Product Overview


Winword Previewer - an additional template for Clarion applications. This template is empowering you with ability to use the Microsoft Word as a report previewer. It is using as an extension for regular Report procedure template. 

As you know, there are a number of excellent Third-Party Clarion accessories replacing the standard report previewer. What the reason of the Winword Preview approach? Point is that the Microsoft Word can serve as a customary report previewer with valuable additional capabilities:
 - Ability to save a whole report as a single *.DOC file;
 - Limited means allowing you to edit report contents;

For example, your end-user will be able to save your regular Clarion report and send it to anybody via E-mail. This task may also be automated and scheduled easily using Winword Previewer and Messaging Templates. Just think about, this is an unique opportunity!

Product Status

The product available for sale from site.
List price is $49 USD.

Originally, Winword Previewer was designed in February 1999 to operate as a functional component of the Fomin Report Builder (FRB). This successful approach was greatly appreciated by FRB users. Now it is also available as a separate "Winword Previewer" extension template for regular Clarion reports.
A demo of the Fomin Report Builder is available by clicking on this link: frb_demo.exe. The demo is less than 1Mb in size, and is a ready-to-run "Inventory application". This compiled Clarion application can show how does Winword Previewer work.


Both 16 and 32 bit applications are supported.

Both Legacy and ABC template chains are supported.

All current Clarion versions are supported (CW2, C4, C5, C55, C6).

All current MsWord versions are supported (Word 6.0, Word 95, 97, 2000).


Other details

Winword Previewer extension template is shipping as an opened source code. No "black boxes" (DLLs/LIBs).

The principle of operation is as follows:
A result of Clarion report generation is the set of WMF files (pages) in the temporary Windows directory. These files are automatically inserting, page by page, into Word document as images using DDE. Finally, MsWord is turning into "Preview" mode. So, it looks and feel just like a habitual report previewer.

Template usage is quite simply:
First step: add Winword Preview global extension template to Clarion application.
Second step(s): add Winword Preview procedure extension template to Report procedure(s).

Procedure extension template gives you all the control over Winword Previewer behaviour with each particular Report procedure. 

  • Winword Previewer Action: 
       Preview Only
       Save File and Close
       Save File and Preview
  • Save File Option: 
       Overwrite Existing File
       Append to File
  • File Name:
  • Call Winword Previewer:

See an appropriate screen shot.

Technical support

Questions, comments, suggestions and bug reports regarding the Winword Previewer should be e-mailed to Oleg Fomin


  • Technical support guaranteed for registered users only.
  • Support provided via e-mail or FTP resources.
  • Limited consulting available
  • Limited product updates are free to registered users

Contact the productís author, Oleg Fomin, at for further product or purchasing information.



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