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  • Subscription must be purchased for another 1 year of subsequent product updates beyond this period.

Recently Released Updates
Release Date
Product Version
Release Notes
2022/09/02 3.48
  • Compatibility with Clarion 11.1 (11.1.13815) and AnyScreen 2.0;
2021/08/02 3.47
  • Compatibility with Clarion 11.1 (11.1.13758 and above);
2020/09/14 3.46
  • Compatibility with Clarion 11 (11.0.13622 and above);
2020/03/07 3.45
2020/03/01 3.44
  • Compatibility with Clarion 11 (11.0.13505 and above);
2020/03/01 3.43
  • Compatibility with Clarion 11 (11.0.13401 and below);
  • Other minor changes and fixes up to date;
2016/11/14 3.42
  • Fixed compatibility issue with IP driver in multi-DLL solution;
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Taboga Barcode Library in multi-DLL solution;
  • Other minor changes and fixes up to date;
2016/04/15 3.41
  • Fixed an issue reported here;
  • Other minor changes and fixes up to date;
2015/12/22 3.40
  • This FRB v.3.40 release has a new control template for standard Clarion Report procedure. The name of control template is “ReportQRcodeImage”. It can help you to generate and print QR code in standard (ABC or Lecacy) Clarion Report.
2015/11/11 3.39
  • Excel export feature has been slightly improved: blank cells arranged instead of zeroes (0.00) when appropriate; each band (Detail, GroupHeader, GroupFooter, e.t.c.) now exported using separate row in the spreadsheet. All this makes the result more clear and readable.
2015/10/28 3.38
  • Changes where required to support just released Clarion 10.0.11975 build. Previous FRB v.3.37 must be used with prior Clarion 10 builds.
2015/10/13 3.37
  • Fixed an issue reported here;
  • Other minor changes and fixes up to date;
2015/05/06 3.36
  • Export to Word is now cmpatibile with all the latest versions of Microsoft Word (both 32 and 64 bits);
  • Fixed an issue reported here;
  • Other minor changes and fixes up to date;
2015/03/11 3.35
  • Supported Clarion versions: 6.3, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 10.0;
  • Changes and fixes up to date;
2014/04/29 3.34
  • Supported Clarion versions: 6.3, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1;
  • Changes and fixes up to date;
2013/12/19 3.33
  • Export report output data to Excel file format (XLS) implemented;
    You can download a small demo application to see it in action
  • Some minor changes and fixes up to date included;
  • Supported Clarion versions: 6.3, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0;
2013/08/31 3.32
  • Clarion 9.0.10332 compatibility;

2013/07/22 3.32
  • Clarion 9 compatibility;
  • Updated example applications and reports;

2013/03/09 3.32
2012/08/09 3.31
2012/08/03 3.30
  • Native support for QR code added;
  • Ability to use RTF editor for MailMerge;
  • Don't write to win.ini any more;
  • Hang problem fixed, much code has been revamped to achieve stability;
  • Many other changes and fixes up to date;

2011/09/12 3.23
  • Support for Clarion 8 Gold added.
  • Changes and fixes up to date.

2011/05/01 3.22
  • Support for Clarion 8.0 added.
  • Changes and fixes up to date.

2011/01/11 3.21
  • Support for Clarion 7.3 added.
  • Changes and fixes up to date.

2010/06/11 3.2
  • Supported Clarion versions: 5.5, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2.
  • Some changes and fixes up to date....

2009/12/22 3.12
  • New single installation package for all Clarion versions (5.5, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.0 and 7.1).
  • Support for run-time "Entry fields" added (example reports changed to show this feature).
  • Refined RTF input and output support.
  • Numerous changes and fixes up to date....

2009 3.12 RC11
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 11.

2009 3.12 RC10
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 10.

2008/09/22 3.12 RC9
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 9.

2008/07/23 3.12 RC8
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 8.

2008 3.12 RC7
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 7.

2008 3.12 RC6
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 6.

2008 3.12 RC5
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 5.

2008 3.12 RC4
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 4.

2008/06/26 3.12 RC3
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 3.

2008 3.12 RC2
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 2.

2008 3.12 RC1
  • v.3.12 Release Candidate 1.

2007/10/12 3.11
  • Barcode symbology (CODE39,CODE128,EAN13,...) run-time selection is now available for end-user. See the details here.
  • RTF support introduced. Now it is possible to use a database field containing RTF text. More details are here.

2007/09/10 3.10
  • Clarion 7.0 compliant release. See the details here.

2007/07/20 3.09
  • NEW: RTF output generator. Works side by side with SoftVelocity's PDF/HTML/TEXT and FominTools's DOC generators (look for FRBReportToRTFGlobal extension). Also, can be activated as built-in feature of the RunTimeReport procedure.
  • HTML help support (look for "HTML Help" tab of 'FRB Style (icons/colors/background)' global extension). New FRBUSER.CHM file supplied to accompany this feature for your end-users.
  • "Keep aspect Ratio" checkbox added to image frame properties (ON by default). Now one can turn this feature OFF.
  • ODBC Report Storage now supports Access driver. So, you can store all the FRB report layouts in a single *.mdb file.
  • Unlimited number of ReportFooter bands can be created.
  • Many other changes and fixes up to date.

2007/01/29 3.08
  • Releases with this version number where available to limited number of customers to deliver hot fixes and for iterative testing of new features.

2006/11/28 3.07
  • ClarionDesktop compatibility;
  • FM3 compatibility (there was a problem in "Local" application mode);
  • ODBC Report Storage doesn't have problems with Firebird 1.5 and Firebird ODBC 1.x any more. In other words, both Firebird 1.5 and 2.0 versions are now supported by Fomin ODBC Report storage (as well as other SQL backends).
  • ODBC Report Storage template changed: "Explicit database schema name:" prompt added to the "Options" tab;
  • FRB::Version STRING('3.07') external variable added;
  • FRB classes became ABC compliant (thanks to Russ Eggen). No need to use FRBCheckExportList template in a Root DLL any more;
  • "Fixed at the top of page" checkbox disabled for Page Header and enabled for Report Header band. This is allowing to print PageHeader below ReportHeader on the first page.
  • CPCS compatibility module updated;
  • Other tweaks and fixes up to date;

2006/09/18 3.06
  • This version was released several times to limited number of developers for test purposes;

2006/07/10 3.05
  • J-Spell compatibility;
  • CPCS 6 preview with output generator buttons compatibility;
  • Multi-Proj "Versions" feature compatibility;
  • Query Wizard compatibility revised;
  • MAV, FM3 and other direct ODBC tools "local" app mode compatibility;
  • Template prompt to allow "No Records Found" message ('Always|Never|Conditionally');
  • Numerous other accumulated changes and fixes up to date;

2006/02/20 3.04
  • New feature: "Fixed at the top of page" checkbox added to the "Position" tab of "Band properties (Page Header)" window. This property/checkbox is cleared by default, so Page Header will be printed underneath Report Header at the first page. Otherwise, Page Header will be printed using fixed position at the top of any page.
  • RPT file open/read/write operations revised and optimized. File error handling code changed to provide more informative error messages allowing better error tracking.
  • Drag-and-drop underlying code revised.
  • Minor changes and fixes up to date.

2006/01/27 3.03
  • Bug with images from database/BLOB fixed (just introduced by previous 3.02 release);
  • ODBC Report Storage now works with Firebird. Firebird 2.0 with Firebird ODBC Driver 2.0 is recommended. Both are free. EasySoft and Gemini ODBC drivers are very well but not free;
  • ReportStorageSetup procedure changed allowing to edit manually ODBC connection string in FRB demo/example application;

2006/01/21 3.02
  • This is a maintenance release for Clarion 6.3 compatibility;
  • This also includes a number of bug fixes up to date;

2005/12/29 3.01
  • This is bug fix release eliminating the problem with endless loop when one have pressed EnterKey on a selected frame. This bug was reported by Bjarne Havnen here;



Special thanks to Rod Webster. This major update was inspired by this gentleman. He has well paid for it in advance. And he is using/testing this version in production application(s) during 3 months already. Being in correspondence with him, I noticed than he get used to call "FRB with ODBC Report Storage" as "FRB Enterprise Reports" for some reason...
Why? Let's read his endorsement on FRB 3.00 release at the "Happy Customers" page and list of new features documented below.

  • Compatible with Clarion 5.5, 6.1 and 6.2, both ABC and Legacy, 32 bit only.

  • Ability to save and restore full printer settings (PROPPRINT:DevMode) for each report layout on a per user and/or per workstation basis. There is a new "Printer" column and two new PopUp menu items ("Printer","Reset") in ReportManager. New 'Report Manager DevMode Check' control template added, allowing to place CHECK control near the ReportManager LIST on a WINDOW. This CHECK control affects FRB::UseSavedDevMode global variable. So, end-user can easily turn ON/OFF this new feature. When this feature is turned ON, the "Printer Dialog" and "Target Selection dialog" are always skipped;

  • FRB::SkipPreview global variable added with appropriate ReportManagerSkipPreview control template;

  • "Hide ProgressWindow during first ## seconds" template prompt added into RunTimeReport procedure template. This allowing to eliminate ProgressWundow completely, when time of report processing is for instance 1-2 seconds and you have set 5 seconds delay. In conjunction with FRB::UseSavedDevMode and FRB::SkipPreview this feature allowing you to send report directly to preselected printer (even to preselected paper bin) silently - without any user intervention and without any Window opened;

  • External image files are now saving into BLOB fields with report layout itself. This new feature is fully compatible with previous behaviour. Image from disk file is using with first priority, and saved BLOB image is using only when original image file can not be found on the original location. This feature is useful with old file based report storage, and it is absolutely necessary for new...

  • "Fomin ODBC Report Storage" - this new add-on is similar to "IPDS Report Storage". Both are allowing to store report layouts in a central location when using across enterprise environment. And both must be purchased separately as an addition to core FRB product. The difference is that one is using SoftVelocity's IP Driver and Server, while another can use any proper ODBC connected SQL database like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase/Firebird, SQL Anywhere, e.t.c. One more difference is that ODBC Report Storage has been incorporated directly into core FRB library. So, it is available to any FRB 3.x customer. Note, it is necessary to enter valid license key at the global template extension to make this add-on fully functional and to hide "License violation" popup messages. Without license key you can use ODBC Report Storage for test and evaluation purposes. Following features are available only with ODBC Report Storage.

  • "Permissions" popup menu item added to ReportManager allowing to manage "Print" and "Change/Delete" report privilege for each particular report layout. This "Permissions" menu item is enabled when FRB report administrator privilege is turned ON (SqlStorageClass.Administrator = TRUE). Report privilege descriptor - it is an expression to EVALUATE. This expression may contain application variables (both generaded and handcoded) added into permission dictionary at the global template extension. Permissions dictionary available at run-time helping to compose valid boolean expression. For example you have global variable UserGroup and you have specified following permission descriptor for a particular report layout: Allow Edit If True: UserGroup='Administrators' This means only administrators will be available to change or delete this report layout. All other users will be allowed to Print this report only. If "Allow PrintIf True" descriptor evaluates FALSE, then this report will not be shown in ReportManager at all. Ability to manage "Insert" report privilege has added as well. This "Report Permissions" feature is absolutely necessary for enterprise wide environment.

  • Standard *.RPT file report storage is fully compatible and interoperable with new ODBC Report Storage. There are Import/Export menu items available in &File menu of the Report Formatter. It is possible to switch between ODBC Report Storage and File report Storage at run-time. It is possible to export all the existing *.RPT files into ODBC Report storage at once (see FRB demo/example application).

  • Common way to initialize ODBC Report Storage is just to specify a valid ODBC connection string like
    'DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=(local);Trusted_Connection=yes;DATABASE=Pubs'. By this way ODBC Report Storage module will establish it's own connection to specified SQL server/database. It is also possible to initialize ODBC Report Storage by SqlStorageClassType.Init(FILE SqlTable) method. Where SqlTable - it is an already opened FILE,DRIVER('ODBC') or FILE,DRIVER('MSSQL'). This method is allowing to use an existing connction to the server. So, one application will establish only one SQL Server connection both for database access and for report storage. This makes sense when SQL Server is allowing a limited number of connections (Client Access Licenses).

2005/08/09 2.94
  • Revised frbuser.hlp file added into product installation package. Million thanks to Scott Daughtry. The help source is available from his excellent web site;
  • Appropriate HLP attribute has added to each WINDOW structure inside FRB. So, context sensitive help is now available from the new frbuser.hlp file;
  • Some stability problems eliminated by revised source code of the floating "Property Box" window, which is running in a different thread;
  • The reported problem solved by reverting of FRBCheckExportList template extension to it's original state;
  • Some minor changes and fixes included;

2005/06/23 2.93.03
2005/06/17 2.93.02
2005/06/08 2.93.01
  • Fix: an error in Legacy template has fixed;

2005/06/06 2.93
  • Compatible: Clarion 6.2;
  • Fix: minor changes and fixes;

2005/02/04 2.92
  • New: "Auto-resize bottom" feature added when using multi-line text frame.
  • Compatible: Clarion 6.1.9032 release;
  • Fix: some minor changes and fixes;

2004/12/01 2.91
  • New: "Skip preview" and "Open file" options added to DOC/PDF/HTML/TXT report target selector. Use "Print Preview: Ask (at RunTime)" to activate this feature.
  • Fix: GPF with DocReportGenerator in Multi-DLL application;
  • Fix: GPF when there are maximized windows inside MDI frame;
  • Fix: stacked/overlapped images;

2004/08/14 2.90
  • Glenn Rathke (inspirer and beta tester of this release) wrote:

    "The latest version of FRB is simply fantastic. The greatest new feature in my opinion, is being able to place a graphic in the background and over lay it with other frames. Perfect for pre printed reports, etc....

    Oleg has outdone himself with this one !!!!!"
2004/08/09 2.89
  • Support for "Page Form" band type added;
  • Fixed problem with hidden windows;
2004/07/27 2.88
  • This release is compatible with Clarion 6.1 Final;
  • Protected report files. Use TopScan.EXE utility to add a second row to RptFile.RPT\!Properties table with 'READONLY' value for "ReportType" field;
  • ReportManager now supports either INI file or System Registry when saving/restoring window and listbox settings. Depends on application global settings (C6 ABC only).;
2004/06/25 2.87.01
  • This release is compatible with Clarion 6.1 RC3;
2004/05/11 2.87
  • This release is compatible with Clarion 6.1;
  • Supports PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT report output;
  • Accumulative changes and fixes;
2003/09/04 2.86.02
  • This release is compatible with C6 GOLD;
  • Stable PropertyBox dragging by mouse;
  • Landscape property enabled with Custom page size;
  • Other minor changes and fixes;
2003/07/23 2.86.01
  • This is a maintenance release including current bug fixes and changes;
  • New sample report "Examples\FRB\REPORTS\Hist06.RPT" with customized page counter;
2003/06/06 2.86
  • Clarion 6 support;
  • Brasil-Portuguese FRB_NLS.INI file supplied by Nelson included into installation script(s).
  • Bug fixes and changes;
2003/04/02 2.85
  • New global extension template available:
    #EXTENSION(FRBUpdateStyleGlobal,'FRB Style (icons/colors/background)');
    Template file name: "frbstyle.tpw";
  • Print image from binary MEMO/BLOB field;
  • "No records found" message added;
  • The "inch" ruler changed around the report formatter window. The ruler for metric system remain unchanged.
  • The "Page layout" entry fields turned to spinboxes at the "Report properties" window: page width, height and margins now can be changed as decimal values with 1 DLU discrete (0.02 inch or 0.5 mm). No more these uncomfortable fractional numbers for inch value representation.
  • Now it is possible to change frame position/size using dialog window.
  • Now it is possible to change band position/size using dialog window.
  • Now it is possible to print GroupFooter, ReportFooter and PageFooter using the fixed position "At bottom of page". Vertical lines aren't interrupted for GroupFooter and ReportFooter (see new example report "Hist04.rpt").
  • Center WMF images added to Word document by WinwordPreview().
  • Flat toolbar buttons;
  • "Move Up" and "Move Down" variables in Run-Time Dictionary;
  • Some minor fixes and changes;
2002/04/18 2.83
  • New extension template now available for RunTimeReport procedure: "Taboga Barcode Library support";
  • New "Rotation Angle" property now available for Barcode and Customary frame type;
  • FRBC.TPL file changed to provide compatibility with CapeSoft's Multi-Project templates;
  • Performed some code changes intended for eliminating occasional system error message: "Unable to open MDI window. Application already active."
  • Report output to PDF file without any printer drivers using PDF-Tools version 2.0 or higher;
2002/01/07 2.82
  • Mail Merge option now available as the frame property and as the band property (trailing text). A new example report supplied: "MailMerge.rpt"
2001/12/25 2.81
  • New embed point in the DictionaryHook virtual method makes it possible to check if any specific UserFunctionName(parameters) was selected from run-time dictionary and to replace any parameter name with the actual parameter value. You may ask the user for this value by means of some browse/select procedure or using other dialog from this embed point.
  • Run-Time dictionary now can handle the names with length up to 100 characters. It is useful for user functions with long parameter list.
  • Another new virtual method added: cRunTimeReport.NewFileName; Using an embed point in this method you may specify default file name for the "Save As" dialog.
  • FRB internal library code was fixed to always preserve the image aspect ratio. Even if the frame "Align Horizontal: Both" or "Aligh Vertical: Spread" option is turned on.
2001/10/20 2.8
  • Remote ClarioNET client now can print/preview FRB reports.
  • "Collate copies" now works with all printers.
  • cRunTimeReport.DictionaryHook virtual method added.
  • Both ABC and Legacy example applications are available.
  • The "Property Box" is available in C55 at last.
  • Some minor fixes in the user interface and documentation.

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