Product Overview

Fomin Report Builder (FRB) - is an end-user reporting accessory for Clarion applications. It is an easy-to-use, fully functional tool for creating, printing and managing graphic report forms.

This is an extremely powerful tool, comparable in features to software costing hundreds of dollars. Practically any type of report that you require can be created with this simple, yet highly effective tool.

Product Status

Currently shipping version of Fomin Report Builder is available online from web site.
List price is $249 USD.

Current version is compatible with Clarion 6.3, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1 and Clarion 10.0. Both ABC and Legacy are supported.

A demo of the Fomin Report Builder is available by clicking on this link: The demo program is less than 3Mb in size, and is a ready-to-run "Inventory application" that demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Fomin Report Builder.

Online movie at (thanks Tor-Bjarne Henriksen).

Fomin Report Builder version 1.5 for Clarion for Windows 2.0 is freeware. Note, this version is too old (1998). But You can download this software at frb15a_free.exe (0.7Mb) and use it without any royalties or fees. This freeware version also can make you acquainted with the product in addition to demo program mentioned.

Contact the product’s author, Oleg Fomin, at for further product or purchasing information.

Brief Description

Fomin Report Builder is designed to enhance the life cycle of Clarion applications by empowering end-users (or supporting staffs) with a wide range of functions to create and modify report forms.

The Fomin Report Builder can be distributed royalty free as a dynamic link library (DLL) or compiled into the executable file via a static library file (LIB).

FRB uses the benefits of object oriented programming technique as well as the Clarion template language. FRB templates are intended to facilitate the steps of implication of the reporting capabilities into your Clarion application. The product is shipping as a template set (both Legacy and ABC) plus Report Builder Class library (as a DLL/LIB modules). The RBC library is a kernel of the report builder. It contains the following functional components:

Report Formatter

The FRB Report Formatter resembles the Clarion Report Formatter, but adds typical Windows functions such as "Open File", "Save", "Save As...", and “Print". Each report form is an independent document stored in a separate file. The Report Formatter contains a toolbar with buttons for the aforementioned commands and also includes buttons for "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste" operations within a frame. Utilities also include buttons for font, color, and border selection as well as a set of vertical and horizontal alignment tools for working inside a frame. A Property Box window is available to enter the contents and picture frame properties.

Report Processor

The Report Processor sorts data using record filters defined in a chosen report form and builds a report based on the information. The report may be sent to the printer or previewed on the screen.

Report Manager

The Report Manager manages any number of created report files. It is built as a ranking tree-style list and allows the user to add, edit, delete or print files of a report form. The list of the report files is derived from a DOS catalog, which includes report name, DOS file name, date and time of last edit, RPT file size. Lists may be sorted in ascending or descending sequence within a report by clicking your mouse on the heading of any visible field (Windows 95 standard).

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