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01/05/2022 09:08 Gordon Flint wrote:

Occasionally a report will report "No Records Found" and from that point all
reports report no records found until the application is exited and restarted.
The database is MSSQL, unfortunately I am unable to recreate the problem on
demand, so I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and knows the cause and

I believe I am using v3.36


01/05/2022 13:45 Oleg Fomin wrote:


This looks like Clarion MSSQL driver issue. Please pay your attention to Clarion
version/build number. Probably, there is a possibility to upgrade.

01/06/2022 13:26 Gordon wrote:

Hi Oleg,

I resolved the problem by adding a CLOSE(%ListView) line into the relevant 
section of frbc.tpl, as below. It does not appear to cause any adverse effects 
and resolves the "No Records Found" issue. If you think this is a bad idea 
please let me know.

  #IF(%DriverSQL = 1)
FilterSQL       BYTE
#EMBED(%BeforeSetViewFilter,'Before Set View Filter')
%ListView{Prop:Order} = SELF.Order

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