Support Forum - Where to place the FRB::RptPassword

09/06/2021 05:39 KC Chin wrote:

1. Where to place or embed to set the FRB::RptPassword ='xxx' (with different
password) for each RunTimeReport?
Instead of placing the FRB::RptPassword at Global.

2. Or create an application to convert from none password to password of

05/02/2004 16:30 Oleg Fomin wrote:
Since now FRB library will open RPT file using either an old password or new
password using the code below.

  IF ERRORCODE() = BadFileErr
    SAV:RptPassword = FRB::RptPassword
    FRB::RptPassword = FRB::OldPassword
    FRB::RptPassword = SAV:RptPassword

At the same time, new files will be created with current password
OWNER(FRB::RptPassword). So, to convert existing RPT file youa'll be able to
open/edit it and "Save As..." using the same or another file name.

KC Chin

09/06/2021 07:03 KC Chin wrote:

I just figured out where to place the FRB::RptPassword.
KC Chin

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