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05/28/2021 21:21 CHUA HU KUI wrote:

Hi there,

The Fomin Reporter GPF under Clarion 11.13743


Kelvin Chua

05/29/2021 18:56 CHUA HU KUI wrote:

Hi there,

Just compile the example application that comes with Fomin Reporter with 
Clarion 11.13743, and try to run the reports in the Report Manager.  It will 


Kelvin Chua

06/08/2021 12:08 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for the bug report and continued use of the product. I am aware of the
issue and taking care to resolve it. I tried to get it done before the Clarion
public release. Sorry, it takes a bit longer to accommodate internal Clarion
report engine changes. Thanks for your patience.

06/08/2021 12:30 Dr Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for the great product support.  Will wait for your release.

Kelvin Chua

06/24/2021 21:02 Morten Dahl Christensen wrote:

Hi Oleg,

When do you expect the issues to be resolved?

Morten Dahl
MDC DATA Greenland ApS

07/05/2021 11:47 Oleg Fomin wrote:

There are RTL changes, bugs, and regressions in C11.1 which must be addressed in
FRB. Iíve already spent a fair amount of time working around the issues. I have
had a good progress fixing GPFs caused by RTL changes. But there are still some
pending issues present.

Please send me an email if you want to participate in early testing of current
FRB internal build.

08/01/2021 01:38 Ian Cook wrote:

Now that c11.13758 has been released does anyone know if the GPF is ok now?

08/02/2021 20:43 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Yes, it is fixed

08/03/2021 00:17 Ian Cook wrote:

Awesome. Thank you very much!

08/03/2021 07:41 Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi Oleg,


Kelvin Chua

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