Support Forum - Where is the Trailing text feature?

03/26/2021 04:48 Ian Cook wrote:

My customer has a problem with printing quotes that have VERY long descriptions
on each line.

Often the description does not fit onto one page.
The problem is only what will fit onto one page is printed. The remaining text
is lost.

After searching the forum I found a feature called "Trailing Text" that is
supposed to be a check box on the band properties.
It looks like this will fix my problem with printing large text.

I cannot see the option though.
Can you please advise where it is?
I am using FRB Version 3.45, Clarion v11. build 13505.

Thanks in advance.

03/28/2021 22:31 Jack Bogle wrote:

Open any print band (group or detail) and select the Band Properties; on the 
General Tab click [X] check Mail Merge; select [Edit Text] button.

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