Support Forum - Compatibility with Polyglot Template?

02/28/2021 21:35 Othoniel Diaz wrote:

Hi, I recently successfully implemented another external template, named
Polyglot from VividHelp. Basically it translates all terminology as needed (My
software is originally in Spanish and now Iím implementing a translation to
But I found a Great Problem: My FRB Reports now donít show correctly.
All the reports in my software use FRB, and now when I open a report, instead of
show Data, it shows the Field Formulas. I need to fix this situation, because If
I couldnít use FRB then my application is useless

Any advice will be appreciated 
Clarion 9.1 and FRB 3.39

03/19/2021 17:13 Othoniel Diaz wrote:

Update: I found that I can deactivate the polyglot template in the FRB Runtime 
reports (in procedure templates) and that fixed the problem

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