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11/24/2020 11:10 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Some time wrote:
"You can select printer for any specific Report in advance. In the 
ReportManager do mouse Right-Click and select "Printer" pop-up menu item etc". 

That does not work in my keeps printing to the same printer.
Do I have to 'set' something somewhere ?

11/30/2020 22:48 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Piet,

"Report Manager DevMode Check" control template can be added to ReportManager
window from "Control Templates" tool pad. It places a CHECK (check box) control
to the window and generates following code before starting to print a report.

    IF RM1.ReportTreeQueue.DeviceName
      FRB::UseSavedDevMode = RMT1::UseSavedDevMode
      FRB::UseSavedDevMode = FALSE

As you can see, when you want to use saved printer, FRB::UseSavedDevMode global
variable has to be set to 1 (TRUE) before printing report. You can do this
manually using embedded code.

12/02/2020 10:42 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Thanks Oleg, 
it is still confusing.

there is: FRB::UseSavedDevMode 
and:      RMT1::UseSavedDevMode

"Report Manager DevMode Check" control template can be added to ReportManager:
when I add that it's name is:?RTReportUseSavedDevMode

global variable has to be set to 1 (TRUE)...
where do I set what to 1 ?

12/02/2020 21:26 Oleg Fomin wrote:


I'd recommend to use "Report Manager DevMode Check" control template. It will do
grunt work to set FRB::UseSavedDevMode variable for you.

You can also set FRB::UseSavedDevMode variable to TRUE or FALSE manually using
"Before printing any RunTimeReport" embed point or "Before Print Report" in
RepoortManager procedure.

Please make sure you have specified a predefined printer for the report using
mouse right-click in Reportanager. Selected printer name will be shown in
ReportManager "Printer" column.

If you have Print Preview enabled, saved printer will be used when you'll print
report after preview.

09/14/2021 13:53 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:


almost a year ago: "You can select printer for any specific Report in advance.
In the ReportManager do mouse Right-Click and select "Printer" pop-up menu item

My customer says: The selected printer is Not saved in de table (the .rpt)
I had a teamviewer session with my customer and he is right, the selected
printer is not saved.

Any idea ?

09/14/2021 16:45 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Piet,

Just tested using FRB example app, this feature works pretty well here.
Probably, the RPT file is read-only for this particular user. In this case
Report Manager can read and print reports without an issue, but cannot update
the file.


09/10/2022 14:35 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Hi dear reader :-),

Still having issues. The user prints a Fomin report to a labelprinter;
then he wants to print a invoice (to a still prints the whole
invoice to the labeprinter ! I think you can imagine that customer is a bit p...

Maybe someone has an idea?
Thank you

09/12/2022 19:01 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Piet Bouma wrote: 

> Oleg made it so that you can set a certain printer for a certain task in
> that window (in the column Printer). Fine, it works on my computer, but that
> does not work for that customer.

That’s interesting. Apparent question: what is the environmental difference
between your computer and that customer? What can really help, if I can
duplicate the issue.

Fomin Report Builder uses DEVMODE structure (Windows feature) to store and set
printer for a specific report. In this case predefined printer name displayed in
the “Printer” column. Otherwise, the report will be sent to current application
context printer.

UPDATE: I believe support for DEVMODE is printer driver dependent. One printer
can work ok, other may have an issue. Another thought: it worth to try local
printer instead of UNC path network printer.

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