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11/24/2020 11:10 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Some time wrote:
"You can select printer for any specific Report in advance. In the 
ReportManager do mouse Right-Click and select "Printer" pop-up menu item etc". 

That does not work in my keeps printing to the same printer.
Do I have to 'set' something somewhere ?

11/30/2020 22:48 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Piet,

"Report Manager DevMode Check" control template can be added to ReportManager
window from "Control Templates" tool pad. It places a CHECK (check box) control
to the window and generates following code before starting to print a report.

    IF RM1.ReportTreeQueue.DeviceName
      FRB::UseSavedDevMode = RMT1::UseSavedDevMode
      FRB::UseSavedDevMode = FALSE

As you can see, when you want to use saved printer, FRB::UseSavedDevMode global
variable has to be set to 1 (TRUE) before printing report. You can do this
manually using embedded code.

12/02/2020 10:42 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Thanks Oleg, 
it is still confusing.

there is: FRB::UseSavedDevMode 
and:      RMT1::UseSavedDevMode

"Report Manager DevMode Check" control template can be added to ReportManager:
when I add that it's name is:?RTReportUseSavedDevMode

global variable has to be set to 1 (TRUE)...
where do I set what to 1 ?

12/02/2020 21:26 Oleg Fomin wrote:


I'd recommend to use "Report Manager DevMode Check" control template. It will do
grunt work to set FRB::UseSavedDevMode variable for you.

You can also set FRB::UseSavedDevMode variable to TRUE or FALSE manually using
"Before printing any RunTimeReport" embed point or "Before Print Report" in
RepoortManager procedure.

Please make sure you have specified a predefined printer for the report using
mouse right-click in Reportanager. Selected printer name will be shown in
ReportManager "Printer" column.

If you have Print Preview enabled, saved printer will be used when you'll print
report after preview.

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