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07/29/2020 03:35 Nelson Yong wrote:


May I know how can I change Report Target to "Other" & Other Target to "DPF"?

I want base on Flag to change report output target to PDF and auto Save.

I have change "FRB Report to PDF" OutputName Type to "Variable" and 
with FileName "LocPDFName"

I follow the thread
added the code, but it won't change to PDF, still print to default printer.

And how can I auto save to PDF file, I have supply filename to it.

Thank you.

08/05/2020 14:22 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Nelson,

I have followed instructions on
and it works perfect for me.

Please find modified FRB example application at
It has ReadMe.docx file included to show the changes applied to original

Hope this helps.

08/06/2020 07:04 Nelson Yong wrote:

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for reply.

Btw, the example file cannot be download, 
pls help on this. 

Thank you.

08/06/2020 14:01 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Sorry, I posted a wrong link in my previous message. It is fixed now.

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