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06/15/2020 05:40 Terry Ho wrote:


   I make the following report :

    Page header 
    Sorting band (on  Client name)
    Group header

    If I put the client name field in the Page Header, it will print incorrect
client name in the Page header (which is the next break client name), If I put
the client name field in the Group Header, then it will print the correct client
name in the Group Header.

    The reason I want to put the client name field in Page Header, because I
want In each report page it will show the client name, because the client name
detail record will be over one page or more.

    How can I put the client name correct to show in each page header?


Terry Ho

06/17/2020 07:48 Oleg Fomin wrote:


Page Header is a band which prints at the same time with Page Footer, when
entire page is completed. This is because page totals can be printed on both
Page Header/Footer.

For your goal I'd recommend to use Group Header band with Explicit Page Overflow
band property turned ON.

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