Support Forum - Build 3.45 Image not showing on new report

03/11/2020 01:47 Ian Cook wrote:

I think there is a problem with the latest build and adding images.

To replicate the problem, open the FRB example
Open the report manager.
Insert a nee inventory report.
Insert new page header band.
Create new frame.
Change frame to image from file.
Select an image.

The image is not shown.

Can this be fixed please?

03/15/2020 16:11 Rob Kuiper wrote:

That's right, same problem here with 3.45

The printing works fine, the image is printed, but when you edit the 
RuntimeReport the image isn't visible anymore.

11/01/2022 08:00 Ian Cook wrote:

Just upgraded to version 3.47 on clarion build 11.1.13815.
The problem with the frb editor not showing the images is still a problem.

Can it be fixed please?

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