Support Forum - Clarion11EE-11.0.13505

02/16/2020 15:54 Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi All,

Clarion11EE-11.0.13505 seems to break the Fomin Reporter, causing the page
overflow to go haywire.

Earlier version print 24 pages without any problems, after upgrading to 13505,
all the pages are printed on the first page.


Kelvin Chua

02/18/2020 09:40 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

I have issues too with Clarion11EE-11.0.13505. Printing seems to work, but when
I close the PrintManager window the app crashes.

02/18/2020 09:53 Morten Dahl Christensen wrote:


I have the same issues after installing Clarion11EE-11.0.13505.

Some reports is still working fine, others generate the "Internal Error! 
Premature Page Overflow"-error.

Does anyone have a good workaround, or should we just wait for an update on 
Fomin Report Builder?

Morten Dahl
MDC DATA Greenland ApS

02/18/2020 13:44 Oleg Fomin wrote:

I can confirm a number of issues popped up after upgrading to Clarion

It requires some time to resolve and work around the issues. I am working on it.

In the meantime I don't recommend the latest Clarion 11 build for production.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

02/18/2020 14:24 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Who says I am patient ? :-) :-) :-)

02/19/2020 12:12 Morten Dahl Christensen wrote:

Hi Oleg,

Not to put extra pressure on you but... :o)

when do you expect the issues to be resolved?
Is it a matter of hours, days or ....?

My users may be fine for a day or two, but if it takes much longer than 
that, I reluctantly have to roll back to before Clarion11EE-11.0.13505.

Morten Dahl
MDC DATA Greenland ApS

02/20/2020 22:17 Oleg Fomin wrote:

This is a matter of days rather than hours.

02/22/2020 06:06 Jack Bogle wrote:

Thanks Oleg, once again we (I) have made the error of becoming SV's quality
department by using C11.0.1305 "Prematurely" in production. Let me know if U$D
change days to hours.

02/24/2020 22:55 Ian Cook wrote:

Following thread.

02/26/2020 08:58 Morten Dahl Christensen wrote:

Hi Oleg, 

do you have anything new about when you expect to have an update ready?

Morten Dahl
MDC DATA Greenland ApS

03/01/2020 00:11 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Clarion 11 compatibility issues have been resolved.


09/09/2020 18:05 Jack Bogle wrote:

Premature Page Overflow appears to have returned and persist after updating to 

The CLA*.TMP files don't seem to be relevant to this issue.

09/10/2020 13:48 Rob Kuiper wrote:

Same here C11.13622 FRB 3.45 throwing errors right away in reports from report 
If you ignore the error (at every page printed) the report isn't complete 
(missing header etc.), details are printed though.

09/10/2020 18:13 Morten Dahl Christensen wrote:

Same error here after updating to C11.13622.

Morten Dahl
MDC DATA Greenland ApS

09/14/2020 11:13 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Fixed in FRB 3.46 release

10/14/2020 15:42 Piet G.M. Bouma wrote:

Oleg, can I install FRB 3.46 with Clarion 11.0.13505 ?

10/14/2020 17:59 Oleg Fomin wrote:


You have to use previous FRB 3.45 with Clarion 11.0.13505

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