Support Forum - Unknown Identifier;RMT1::DesktopThread

01/03/2020 08:49 Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi there,

I have been getting unknown identifier:RMT1::DesktopThread error.

Anyone know how to resolve it?


Kelvin Chua

03/02/2020 16:38 Ian Hickton wrote:

Hi Kelvin,

I had the same problem. As a quick solution I changed the frbc.tpl (I'm using
ABC template chain) around line 2069 you will find this:
  #SET(%ValueConstruct,%InstancePrefix & ':DeskTopThread')

It is adding 2 lots of the variable RMT1::Action and not adding
RMT1::DesktopThread to the generated code.

I changed it to:
  #SET(%ValueConstruct,%InstancePrefix & ':DeskTopThread')
This rems out the #IF(%StartNewThread) and adds the variable to the generated
clw file.


Kind Regards
Ian Hickton

03/03/2020 14:37 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Fix will be available with the next (v.3.45) release.

03/07/2020 23:01 Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi Ian Hickton and Oleg,


Kelvin Chua

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