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11/29/2019 14:30 Igor Sane wrote:

Hi Oleg

Is there a way to only print when all pages that need to be printed actually

Yes..  the problem is: one big report with 100 pages, in the middle of the
process the network stop to work for one second..  the fomim stops and
imediately show just the pages that was proceced until the error happened..

We need to show no pages when network error ocourrs.. I prefer a GPF than show a
incomplete report to the user...
I know... itīs a network problem, but we need to stop and cancel the preview if
itīs not complete..

To simulate the situation, start to process a report and deactive the network
adpater, after two seconds activate again the network adpater.. the fomim will
stop to process (ok) but will show what it already have proceced until that

Thank you!

03/07/2020 22:05 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Fixed in FRB 3.45 release

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