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09/30/2019 10:29 Terry Ho wrote:


  Can I have two group footer, under different condition, it will print Group
footer 1 on some condition and Group footer 2 on another condition?

  The following is group structure, I want to print

  Sort - Invoice No
   Group Header on Invoice no
   Sort - Invoice detail type
     Group header on detail type
     detail line
     Group footer 1 on detail type - on condition 1
     Group footer 2 on detail type - on condition 2
   Group footer on invoice no


Terry HO

03/03/2020 15:07 Oleg Fomin wrote:


One "Sorting Band" can have only one "Group Footer". Create two "Sorting Bands"
on the same sort field. You'll be able to create two "Group Footers"

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