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09/23/2019 07:17 Kelvin Chua wrote:

Hi All,

I placed a record filter at the report properties at runtime;
mai36:salescreditnoteiid = IIDToPrint

The report generated correctly.

But after printing a couple of times, it seems that the report is not filtering
the records accordingly.  I examined the record filter and realized that my my
record filter 'mai36:salescreditnoteiid = IIDToPrint' was being deleted. 
Despite I added it back again, it got deleted after a while.

I am using Clarion 11 + PostgreSQL 11.5 + Fomin ODBC Report Storage.


Kelvin Chua

03/03/2020 15:02 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Record filter is stored in "ReportFile.rpt\!Properties" table if you are using
default TOPSPEED report storage. If you are using ODBC report storage, then
filter expression is stored in REPORT_Properties SQL table.
  It worth an investigation to duplicate a situation when
REPORT_Properties.Filter field can be cleared after a while. Please let me know
what report storage are you using and any additional information which may help
to track down the issue.

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