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08/29/2019 15:40 Antonio Diaz wrote:

I have decided to use FRB to create all my reports inside my app.  I find it
much more flexible than just using Clarion's report procedures.

However, it is the context parameters for the report to work properly that made
me write this post.  By this I mean the variables that provide range or filters
for the report, for example, a Sales Report has to ask for a range of dates, and
so forth.

So let's say I create a report for my client that prints the Sales by Client
(report 1).  I could easily just copy that report and make it print the Sales by
Product (report 2), Agent (report 3), etc.  My approach is to use as less hard
code as possible, so the question is: once I create reports 2 and 3 (on my
client's site, using FRB), how to set (somehow) the values for the dates
(range).  Crystal Reports has this tool to use Parameters, and everytime the
report is called, CR itself prompts for those values.

I hope I explained it right because right now it is a thought, but I would
definitely like to make it work.

Thank you in advance.

09/04/2019 22:06 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Antonio,

This feature is already present in Fomin Report Builder. You can create “Entry
Fields” in run-time report dictionary. And user will be able to enter a value
for the Entry Field and press “Start” button to generate report. See Hist02.rpt
sample report layout from FRB example application. It has two "Entry fields"

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