Support Forum - Multiple types of reports on 1 RuntimeRep.

07/10/2019 18:29 Edgard L. Riba wrote:

I have one complex RunTimeReport that allows me to do all kind of reports for
one of my systems.

Depending on the parameter passed, I can print reports:
1) For a given production batch,
2) For a given production program, or 
3) For a range of production dates

The "Report type/identifier" is "m_Batch_Detalle_Reports".

I would like to separate the different report sub-types within a "ReportManager"
procedure.   In other words, I would like to filter the "BATCH" reports, from
the "PROGRAM" reports, and from the "RANGE OF DATES" reports.

I can add the "RuntimeReport" multiple times to a given "ReportManager", but all
the reports display together on the first one.

Any suggestions on how to do this?  I would hate to have to replicate the same
RunTimeReport 3 times...

07/10/2019 21:40 Edgard L. Riba wrote:

Hi again, I tried to create a "proxy" procedure using the template included.  
However, it doesn't work because the original "RunTimeProcedure" validates 
that the "ReportIdentifier"..

Any ideas???

#PROCEDURE(FominRunTimeReportProxy,'Run-Time Report 
  #PROMPT('P&arameters:', @s255), %Parameters
    #PROMPT('Return Value:',FIELD),%ReturnValue
  #PROMPT('RunTime Report to call:',PROCEDURE),%FominRunTimeReport
  #BOXED('Hidden "procedure parameters" prompts'),AT(0,0),WHERE(%False),HIDE
     #PROMPT('RuntimeProcedure ParameterList',@S255),%ParameterList
      #SET(%ParameterList,%ParameterList & CHOOSE(%ParameterList <> 
'',',','') & %ProcedureParameterName)

%Procedure PROCEDURE %Parameters
   #IF(%ReturnValue <> '')   
   RETURN %FominRunTimeReport(%ParameterList)

07/10/2019 22:32 Edgard L. Riba wrote:

Hi Oleg,
I found a way to trick the "RunTimeReport" into using another 
"ReportIdentifier", but I need a new EMBED point before calling ".EditPage".

  IF %ReportObjectName.FileName
  #!This EMBED below! 
  #EMBED(%BeforeEditPage,'Before Calling EditPage')

Could you please add this?   I added it in my installation, but I would 
prefer for it not to disappear on new versions.

Let me know,

07/11/2019 17:32 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Edgard,

Feel free to add new embed(s). And make sure to send me modified template
file(s). I will include the changes into the next FRB build.

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