Support Forum - RunTimeReport's initialization (new embed)

07/10/2019 18:23 Edgard L. Riba wrote:

Hi Oleg,
I have a suggestion regarding RunTimeReport procedure's initialization.  It
involves adding a new EMBED point after files are opened, but before
"ThisReport.LoadReport" is called.

Typically initialization is done on "ThisReport.OpenFRBView" which works fine in
most cases.

There is one case however where it would be helpful to initialize the report
before executing "ThisReport.LoadReport".  I have some reports that call BINDed
procedure inside the report to select the filtering conditions.  This is done in
"calculated fields" evaluated "At the Start Of The Report".  As far as I can
tell, these calculated fields execute on ".LoadReport".

Therefore, I need to have an EMBED point AFTER files are opened, BUT BEFORE
"ThisReport.LoadReport" is called to properly initialize these type of reports.


07/11/2019 17:33 Oleg Fomin wrote:

Hi Edgard,

Again. Feel free to add new embed(s). And make sure to send me modified template
file(s). I will include the changes into the next FRB build.

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