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05/24/2019 02:06 Antonio Diaz wrote:

Hi Oleg,

I can't find any posts that would deal with this:  I need to generate the PDF
file everytime (if the file does not exist) and still see the print preview so
that the user is still able to send to printer.

How can I do this?..

Thanks in advance.

05/31/2019 15:42 Oleg Fomin wrote:


You know, any Clarion report to PDF converter uses generated for preview WMF
files/pages. If you need PDF generation "everytime and still see the print
preview", the question is whether you want to generate PDF before or after print
preview. I suppose you need it before preview.

I think you have read "Just to PDF" forum thread at
and you have set up PDF generation "Report Behaviour". In this case you'll find
appropriate template generated PDF generation code somewhere after report
preview. I do recommend to copy this PDF generation code and paste it into the
"Before Print Preview" embed point.

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