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04/04/2019 21:31 Edgus Michel wrote:

 Hi... i have made a report in wich shows data from a user who has a credit
acount, and this user have an endorsement(wich is also a user too, both are
registrered in the table users), how can i do to show the information of both
users in the same page?

------------USER whit Credit---------------
Name: Number: Credit_number: Adress: Endorsement_user:
----------- USER endorsement---------------
Name: Number: Credit_number: Address

04/10/2019 14:22 Oleg Fomin wrote:


Please follow step by step instructions below.

1) By adding appropriate Sorting Band(s) you can manage sort order to retrieve
user and endorsement records subsequently. I presume some database field has the
same value for both user and endorsement. Insert this field into the Sorting
2) Add a Group Footer band into the report layout based on the Sorting Band
added in the previous step.
3) Open "Band Properties" for the Group Footer band, switch to the "Position"
tab and enable "Explicit Page Overflow After Band Printing". Group Footer band
itself can be set to zero height here.

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