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04/03/2019 09:37 David Navarro wrote:


I have a problem with the version of Fomin 3.42 running on Clarion 11.0.13372

If I run it on Clarion 9.1.11529 with Fomin 3.22 it works perfectly.

The problem is that when I print an invoice with several pages, I do the page
break in the middle of the page. I have 3 control cuts, an empty detail line
with height 0 and a control cut foot with the information grouped.

This system I have always used in Fomin 3.22 without problems and it is now to
migrate to Fomin 3.42 when it is failing me and I am not clear if it is due to
the change of Fomin or the change of Clarion.

Could you help me with my problem?

Thank you

04/10/2019 14:06 Oleg Fomin wrote:


Could you please contact me directly via E-mail. It would be nice if you can
create a report layout demonstrating the problem using FRB example application
and data. Thank you.

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