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11/29/2018 06:20 terry ho wrote:


  I want to print in a detail band, which has two field,  invoice detail
description and invoice amount. The problem is the invoice detail description is
  - will have chinese and english character
  - variable length, some times over 500 character
  I put those field in a detail band and use mail merger frame in the detail
description field. I also check the auto-resize bottom. The problem is the band
will not resize under length of the detail field. How can I make the band will
auto resize?


Terry Ho

12/05/2018 23:00 Oleg Fomin wrote:


In the "Band Properties" you will find "Print below this band the text"
option which has implicit "Auto-resize bottom" capability with page overflow
control. This should handle Chinese and English characters as well.


12/06/2018 13:01 terry ho wrote:

Hi Oleg,

   I did not see "Print below this band the text" option in the "Band 


Terry Ho

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