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11/08/2018 19:31 mauricio wrote:

I was able to automatically generate pdf of the documents to print, but they are
generated in the root folder of the application .. How can I change the path to
generate those pdf? Thank you

11/08/2018 22:38 Oleg Fomin wrote:


You have not mentioned PDF generation tool. Anyway, I guess you have specified
the PDF file name somewhere. And this is a simple name without a path like
MyReport.PDF. Try to specify full path preceding the file name like
C:\temp\MyReport.PDF. Bessides, the path can be relative .\PDFs\MyReport.PDF -
this will output PDF into "PDFs" folder inside your application folder.


11/20/2018 11:57 mauricio wrote:

Hello Oleg
I am using the template FRB report to PDF
Outputfilename: variable
Filename: GLO: ProofName
where GLO: ProofName I'm assigning it with the invoice number

11/21/2018 00:04 Oleg Fomin wrote:


Please create "Invoices" folder inside your application folder and use following

  GLO:ProofName = '.\Invoices\'& InvoiceNumber &'.pdf'

where InvoiceNumber is a variable containing invoice number.

12/10/2018 15:27 mauricio wrote:

Gracias OLEG !!!!!!

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