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[+9]  Clarion11EE-11.0.13505  Kelvin Chua   02/16/2020 
   Unknown Identifier;RMT1::DesktopThread  Kelvin Chua   01/03/2020 
[+1]  frb witing to win.ini  Piet G.M. Bouma   09/22/2019 
   Cannot add another element to %CustomGloba  Kelvin Chua   12/11/2019 
   How to Abort Print Preview when Error  Igor Sane   11/29/2019 
   Printing Invoice twice on same page  Antonio Diaz   10/08/2019 
   Two Group footer  Terry Ho   09/30/2019 
   Changing Contents  Diego Lepore   09/23/2019 
   Record Filter  Kelvin Chua   09/23/2019 
   where does FRB store it s printer  Piet G.M. Bouma   09/22/2019 
[+1]  Asking for parameters before report  Antonio Diaz   08/29/2019 
   Cannot add CustomGlobalDataComponent  Kelvin Chua   08/09/2019 
[+1]  RunTimeReport's initialization (new embed)  Edgard L. Riba   07/10/2019 
[+3]  Multiple types of reports on 1 RuntimeRep.  Edgard L. Riba   07/10/2019 
[+1]  Invalid expression for EVALUATE at pos 14  Johan de Klerk   06/23/2019 
[+1]  Compatibility with AppBroker (H5)  Jack   05/06/2019 
[+1]  Prints before preview sometimes  Ray Rippey   05/13/2019 
[+1]  Sending to PDF AND displaying print previe  Antonio Diaz   05/24/2019 
[+1]  Hiding Progress Window (Clarion 10)  Antonio Diaz   05/31/2019 
[+1]  Unknown identifier FRB::AllowImportExport  Kelvin Chua   05/15/2019 
[+1]  Fomin Report Builder Order #63066  Nestor Molina   05/04/2019 
[+1]  newest frb gives exception  Jacek Kosinski   04/26/2019 
[+1]  How to control misuse of assigned names  Kelvin Chua   04/15/2019 
[+1]  2 diferent records one page  Edgus Michel   04/04/2019 
[+1]  Problem with Page Overflow  David Navarro   04/03/2019 
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