ASCII Reports for CW
Description: You are Clarion developer already used to create Windows applications, but your client would like to use a dot-matrix printer. He want to print a lot of reports using the fast ASCII text mode. This template can help you to create and print reports just like using a good old Clarion for DOS.
  • shipping as template source without any LIBs or DLLs;
  • report layout is modifyable as an ASCII file by end-user or developer;
  • output report is an ASCII file as well;
  • support for Form-style and Process-style reports;
  • Process-style reports may have group breaks, headers, footers, totaling;
  • you can use Viewer procedure to preview and print reports;
  • you can use Notepad.exe to edit both report layout and target report;
  • support for direct printing to LPT port using 16bit WinAPI calls;
  • support for dimensioned fields;
  • compatible with Legacy template chain of all CW versions;
Product status: freeware
Created: at 1996 by Oleg Fomin <>
Modified: at July 22, 2005 for compatibility with the latest Clarion versions;
Quick start: 1) Download the file.
2) Install the product into your Clarion folder.
3) Register "asciirpt.tpl" template file.
4) Open \Clarion\Examples\Asciirpt\
5) Generate, compile and run the example app.
6) Look into the app source and learn...